Affective Monotheism

The God of a quite unmoderated Social Trinitarianism is an It, not a He or a She. But why does it sound strange to refer to God as It? I submit that the religious attitude expressed in acts of worship requires for its object a personal being. A preliminary characterization of this attitudes would be that of unconditional submission to the divine will ('Islam') leading to a kind of trust and love which it would not be proper to have in a mere human person. If Extreme Social Trinitarianism were correct it would be a mistake to worship God in this way. We would choose which of the three gods to worship, knowing that the others are not jealous. I take it, however, that Christians worship the one God, who is also worshipped by Jews, Muslims and others. We have therefore, the desideratum of Affective Monotheism. It states that there is but one object of worship, God, and it endorses the horror Jews and Muslims have at the thought that Christians might be worshipping three gods.

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