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Sport The Origins Of Muscular Christianity

The emergence of a symbiotic relationship between Protestantism and sport dates to the nineteenth century. If Puritanism can be judged to be representative of the movement as a whole, early Protestantism was characterized by a virtually unrelenting hostility toward any form of sport, which was seen as a waste of time and effort and a diversion from the more serious things in life.41 Yet such a uniformly negative attitude eventually proved unsustainable as the value of sport for public health and personal development became increasingly accepted. During the nineteenth century, a new attitude toward sport began to emerge in both Britain and the United States as its potential as a tool of Christian witness and social formation came to be appreciated.42

The Contribution Of Calvin And Company

The rugged individualism of the Renaissance influenced the message of the Reformers. They were a product of their times. The gospel they preached was centered on individual needs and personal development. (t was not communitarian as was the message of the first-century Christians. This individualistic emphasis was picked up by the Puritans, Pietists, and Revivalists, and it pervaded all areas of American life and thought (Senn, Christian Worship, 100, 104 Terry, Evangel sm, 125. White, Protestant Worship, 65.

The commonality of Mount Athos and a Slavonic textual community

But to treat the imperial-ecclesiastical complex as sole pillars of a 'commonwealth' would be to disregard 'the Holy Mountain', at once landmark and generator of spiritual movement, and known to fourteenth-century writers as 'the workshop of virtue'.80 A stay there offered individuals outstanding opportunities for self-improvement and eventual absorption within the godhead. The prospect appealed not only to Byzantines but also to individuals or whole peoples whose ideals ofpiety were closely aligned with theirs. Athonite monasticism played a key role in the spirituality or political formation of several of these peoples, whether through directing Anthony to return to Rus and inspiring later generations of monks, or cradling the cult of a sacred dynasty among the Serbs. Fourteenth-century Athos was a hive of spiritual endeavour it produced innovative ways of staging the liturgy there were intensive efforts to partake directly of the divine through fasting, prayer and meditation, while...

The dearly departed

Some of the more memorable movies that have explored the terrain, bureaucracy, and peculiar physics of heaven and hell are Made in Heaven (1987), where heaven is pictured as a cozy log cabin nestled in an alpine meadow below snowy peaks, a waystation of self-improvement before the next round of samsara Defending Your Life (1991), where the dead go to the well-groomed health spa of Judgment City, awaiting their appearance before magistrates who examine and pass verdicts on their just completed lives What Dreams May Come (1998), which depicts hell as a lake of fire with the damned swimming eternally in a smelly muck, while heaven is verdant meadowlands and lakes, monumental Arcadian cities, and reunions with loved ones South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999), in which hell is full of fiery wraiths, prehistoric pterodactyls, sulfurous

Mastery Over Self

Mastery Over Self

Achieving Success By Mastery Of Oneself. Today it is a fact fact that everyplace we look, we're we are reminded that our world is in in trouble. Numerous people have lost their jobs, companies are closing their doors, and fellow humans are having less faith in themselves.

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