The Apostle

"This hoot s-afisi'iou^t'tempt bfia \ dOT^nrarmed and careful scholar to po rrt thu ^ay to. "finding in Paul's theology an integrated whole, using Romans as the road map for thcapurney. Using the 'new perspective' on Paul to look in a fresh way at the dichotomy bet^sjen faith and works of the law, and finding in the apocalyptic notion of already^not i vat' a key concept, James D. G. Dunn proposes a way of approaching Paul's theological thought that enables him to find not only theological coherence but also ethical integration. Any such attempt is bound to provoke discussion both pro and con, but it is an attempt that all who are interested in Paul's theological thought will have to take Seriously. Truly 'must-reading.'" PAUL j. ACHTEMEIER

M Hhioliffli^'^tfiL',i^.rigcminary in^U'r^inia

SDunnybéÇt book so far. H' magisterial, lucid" ¿¿position of Paufis.thought m '1 be welcomed warmly by scholars, teachers, and students alike. This is a work of outstanding scholarship: there is no comparable book in English."

King's College, London

B'TfnsIcareful irc&osition of the theology of Paul is a brilliant piece of biblical scholarship.

Pax'in^duefe-spect to the broad international discussion, Dunn opens new insights into fiEsul styiay of interpreting the early Christian message. In demonstrating that the center of

Paul's theology is to be found in his proclamation of the death and resurrection of Christ,

Dunnlaxjnlains how the Apostle at the same time remained always aware of his Jewish her-

■ itage. This book will be welcomed by all theologians for a deeper interpretation of what

Paul has to say in his time as well as today." „ „ „ , „ , . ^ r

ilillve^wBS G«ttfm?5B^

'Aijf-exceptionally, fine presentation of Pauline thtolo^y-— detailed yet Wear, lavishly documented yet readable. A major contr' ution to Glorification and order in th' confused and

KSmjfoversial field of study." _^ F D MOULE

Wm* B. Eerdmans I Publishing Co.

Grand Rapids/i¡?ambridge

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