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Swine Influenza

Swine Influenza

SWINE INFLUENZA frightening you? CONCERNED about the health implications? Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases! Stop The Swine Flu from Spreading. Follow the advice to keep your family and friends safe from this virus and not become another victim. These simple cost free guidelines will help you to protect yourself from the swine flu.

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Pandemic Preparedness Guide

Inside this information dense guide youll discover: Water & Food: The 2 common water storage containers that are breading grounds for bacteria that could kill you so you know to avoid them. How 8 drops of this common household chemical will instantly sterilize any drinking water container (its not vinegar or ammonia) so your can drink safely. The 21 dried foods you Must have stored to remain self-contained until the threat passes so your family can eat when grocery stores are bare. How to reduce energy and heat to cook by 70% with this special pot that only costs about $17 at Wal-Mart (It also doubles as a sterilizer) so your cooking fuel last 3X longer. How to create an inner home cocoon so you dont have to heat or cool your entire house so you save on heat and energy when the power is out or sporadic. How to recharge batteries an Unlimited number of times just using the sun so you can power your devices forever. How to create a resilient community in your neighborhood Now so you are not alone in defending your area so you can keep the infected and even looters out. The one plant that will keep intruders from coming in through your windows and openings in your home so you remain safe. How to train your dog to act when strangers are near your home so you know when and how to protect yourself. 3 weird uses for a fire extinguisher in a pandemic. The formula for the Ultimate protection against infection, so even our youngest family members remain disease free. How to create an isolated environment for the sick so they dont get everyone else sick while you are waiting for emergency workers. The one kind of phone that is most likely to work in a disaster so you can have constant communication with the outside world even if the power is completely out The one way to Never communicate with your family in a crisis so you dont create panic and unrest in a tense situation.

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Highly Recommended

I've really worked on the chapters in this ebook and can only say that if you put in the time you will never revert back to your old methods.

All the modules inside this book are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

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Pandemic Survival

This eBook shows you what it takes to survive the next pandemic. There is no doubt that in the future, the world will be hit with a huge pandemic, either from natural causes or from a terrorist attack. As you look through history, you will be hard-pressed to find any pandemic in history that has killed less than 1 million people. You do not want you or your family to be among those millions. And with the help of the information in this eBook, you have a way to survive the global pandemic that will come. Wishing it won't happen doesn't do anything Preparing for it gives you the tools to survive AND thrive. This book contains the two-pronged approach of John Hartman's years of research in figuring out how pandemics work and living through a dangerous flu outbreak. This gives you the methods to both avoid getting a virus in the first place, and how to strengthen your immune system should you come down with a virus. You don't have to lay down and die. You can fight the next pandemic.

Pandemic Survival Summary

Contents: Ebook
Author: John Hartman
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Disease and the Rise of Christianity in Europe 150800 ce

With few exceptions, notably McNeill and Stark, scholars largely have ignored the evidence of disease from late antiquity and the early Middle Ages.15 The writing and rewriting of history always entails the present intruding on the past. Our present largely is free of epidemic disease it has been that way for Americans and Europeans since the great flu pandemic of 1917. Arguably, our relative success controlling and eradicating maladies such as smallpox has made it difficult to imagine epidemic disease having changed the course of history, contributing to the rise of something so otherworldly as Christianity.16 In keeping with recent trends in theory, particularly the eschewing of material causality, many scholars in the humanities17 clearly perceive biological processes as somehow too mundane or irrelevant.18 Scholars who have been entirely comfortable talking about the east-to-west flow of ideas and practices such as the Egyptian ascetic ideal have ignored the same dynamic with...

Disease and Its Consequences in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages 150800 ce

Distribution Middle Ages

No civilization that unites tens of millions of people for the first time can escape the appearance of new forms of infectious disease. The question is not whether new diseases will arise, but whether for reasons of disease ecology and chance they will become both easily spread and lethal to their human hosts. Those who have escaped the ravages of AIDS, an apparent byproduct of our own global economy,35 are fortunate that the disease has not evolved along the lines of measles or smallpox, which literally are spread by a mere cough. (As I write, the world is holding its breath, literally and figuratively, fearing SARS, which apparently is spread by a mere cough.) The first such disease episode was a true pandemic of what appears to have been at least in part smallpox.41 Known as the Antonine Plague, the disease episode affected the Roman world for close to two decades, beginning in about 165 c.e. Roman soldiers fighting at the time in Mesopotamia were stricken with smallpox and...

Elijahs Story Repeated

(3) The third phase of death will come from epidemics and pandemics in the world. Over this past year, many governments in the world have started minimal preparations for a possible pandemic from bird flu. This and much more are coming upon the world scene. As God has warned throughout time, the end-time will be the worst time in man's history.

The Fate Of Falsafa

Falsafa fascinated many, far beyond the small coteries in which it was formally translated and debated. Yahya Michot has written elsewhere of an ''Avicennian pandemic'',24 a rapid spread of Avicenna's system which has no parallel in Islamic intellectual history, apart from the even more sudden diffusion of Ibn 'Arabl's thought which took place in the middle and late thirteenth century. Once believed to have been dealt a mortal blow by Ghazali, Avicenna's system is now known to have prospered mightily after him.25 That this should have succeeded is no great surprise,-after all, it has been argued that Avicenna had already borrowed from the kalaam thinkers, for instance in evolving his key essence existence distinction.26 If, as one modern historian presents matters, the ancient effort to reconcile Aristotle's various positions was

Speculative Sufism

Thought had been registering its impact. The Seljuk period has even been called a period of ''Avicennan pandemic''.57 The first symptoms of change in kalam were to be seen in Mu'tazilism. The founder of the last great school of Mu'tazilism, Abu'l-Husayn al-Basrl (d. 1044), already showed Avicenna's influence. The same trend entered Ash'arism through Juwaynl, Ghazall's teacher. Ghazall himself stood at the head of a wave of refuters of Avicenna in his Incoherence. But in weeding out key aspects of Avicennism which Ghazall held to be incompatible with revelatory authority, he ironically assured its domestication within dogmatic theology. The whole style of the later Ash'arism of the ''moderns'' (muta'akhkhirun) who came in Ghazall's wake is strongly Avicennan in comparison with that of the ''ancients'' (mutaqaddimun). The same markedly Avicennan influence is clear in Islamic mysticism, as will emerge. The result is generally called ''speculative Sufism'', and is above all bound up with...