Religious practice

In the United States today Catholics generally practice their religion without much fanfare. They practice their faith in the atmosphere of their families, or in church on Sunday. In the Eastern Catholic tradition the customary Lenten fast is to abstain from meat and dairy products for the entire 40 days of Lent, though sometimes modifications of this tradition are allowed. Special Lenten services in the Eastern Rite are observed two or three times a week and every day during the climactic Holy Week that extends from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Religious services are also held on important Catholic feast days, such as Easter and Christmas. Most Catholics, however, live their visible lives in the same way as other citizens. They wear no special clothing and rarely follow any special dietary regulations. Some children may attend parochial, or church-run, schools, but many also attend public schools. For the most part there is no significant difference between the Catholic population and the general population in the life they live.

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