Orthodoxy In The United States

In the United States political and cultural disagreements between home countries gradually seemed artificial to church members. Movements were formed to rise above ethnic differences. New churches were formed that attempted to make their communities more American or more ecumenical. Such an attempt is the Orthodox Church of America, whose membership has now reached over a million.

In the United States many Orthodox Christians are now engaged in an effort

70 ^ catholicism & orthodox christianity to unite all American Orthodox Christians into one church that transcends ethnic boundaries and seeks to communicate the rich traditions of Orthodoxy in the common language of American culture. Still, particular Orthodox churches in America continue to flourish. A good example is the Greek Orthodox Church. It has founded its own college, Hellenic College, in Boston, and despite strong competition from non-Greek schools, it has continued to draw a consistent student body. Its seminary has a respected faculty that is part of the theological cooperative called the Boston Theological Consortium.

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