New MeaniNgs And A New ViSiON

Christians believe that Christ was a teacher, but also one who gave a New Law in his own name, thereby indicating that he was God. When he spoke of God as his father, he spoke, according to

Christian believers, as one equal to his father. They believe that his teachings gave a whole new meaning to the Old Law, and his death was a sacrifice that replaced all the sacrifices of the Old Law. His resurrection, according to Christian faith, was a guarantee of his claims and of his promises. These claims also called for believers to have the same kind of faith in God as Abraham had. Christ called not just for obedience to a Law; he called for a new faith that believed the new meanings and the new vision he brought to human life. These themes of the Jewish community of Christians, sounded in Matthew's Gospel, also are the themes of the Epistle to the Hebrews. Both these writings put us in touch with the first community of Christians—the Jewish community of Christians.

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