Making icons

The Medieval and Renaissance periods also saw the flourishing of the great Byzantine tradition of making icons. From this period we have two of the most beloved icons in the Orthodox tradition. One of these is The Vladimir Madonna, also known as The Mother of Loving Kindness, which depicts a tender embrace between the Mother of God—to use the Orthodox description of Mary—and the child Jesus. It was painted in the 12th century and presented as a gift honoring Prince Vladimir of Russia (ca. 956-1015) by the patriarch of Constantinople. The other is known as The Old Testament Trinity or The Hospitality of Abraham and Sarah, which presents the angels who visit Abraham and Sarah, according to the Old Testament account, as a symbol of the Triune God. The icon was painted by one of the great Byzantine Russian painters, Andrei Rublev (ca. 1360-1430) in the 15th century.

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