Women and Womens Expectations

Serbian Orthodoxy, as the combination of Christianity and Serbian traditional culture, accepts and supports the traditional patriarchal order, with women having a clearly defined place and role. This implies a strict role division between the genders, with the subordination of the woman to the man, and her inferiority in a physical and intellectual sense. A woman's place is secondary in every respect, and because the woman is repenting the sin of her original ancestor, she may rescue herself only through obedience and sacrifice. According to the opinion of some Serbian Orthodox theologians, her education should not provide for more than is required by her duties in the family, while her position in society should not extend beyond the limits of her traditional role in the home. Any break of these rules through so-called 'struggle for women's rights and emancipation' is interpreted by some Serbian Orthodox theologians as a disastrous foreign influence, which destroys traditional relations and order and ultimately may lead to the ruin of the entire nation. Abortion is forbidden by the Serbian Orthodox Church, and the best form of contraception it suggests is restraining oneself.

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