Women Anargyroi

Disappointingly, there is no echo in Orthodox iconography of women Anargyroi nor is the title unequivocally given to any women saints. Nevertheless, Euboule, the mother of Panteleimon, and Theodote, the mother of the Syrian Kosmas and Damianos, are represented as assistants to their sons and are far from unknown amongst Orthodox Christians. Traditions relating to Anysia of Thessalonica (d. 298) indicate that she worked as a nurse, but emphasize her missionary endeavours and martyrdom. Women healers are not remarkable because women saints were generally presented as nursing the sick and performing miracle cures. It might be assumed that the established Church overlooked women active in the field of medicine. However, the Menaia specifically commemorate Sophia the Physician (Iatraina) and it is likely that she is one of the missing women Anargyroi. Presumably, careful study of the manuscripts would unearth information about Christian women healers and other forgotten Anargyroi.

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