Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

The first parish in the West was founded in Pennsylvania in 1884. The married clergy who followed their flocks to the New World were sometimes suspended by Roman Catholic bishops (triggering movements to Orthodoxy). The first bishop for the USA was assigned in 1907, and upon his death in 1916, the Vatican divided Slav Greek Catholics by creating distinct structures for those from Austrian-controlled Galicia on the one hand, and the Hungarian part of Transcarpathia (the jurisdiction now known as the Byzantine Catholic Metropolia of Pittsburgh), on the other. Other jurisdictions for the USA were created between the 1950s and 1980s in Stamford, Connecticut; Chicago; and Parma, Ohio; and in Canada, between 1910 and the 1980s, in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto, Saskatoon and New Westminster, British Columbia. Since World War II jurisdictions have existed in Brazil and Argentina, Australia, Germany, France, England; and new ones have been created in Poland.

While a large influx of post-Word War II political emigres greatly expanded membership in the West, their ethno-centrism prevented an organic indigenization that would have attracted non-Ukrainians. Nonetheless, especially in North American communities dominated by descendants of pre-World War II immigrants, English is the usual language for worship, and non-Ukrainians are found among the membership.

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