Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Owing to the western Ukraine's position on the frontier between the East Slavic Orthodox and western Catholic civilizations, Ukrainian Catholic worship manifests an unpredictable mix of East and West: One can witness lengthy, entirely chanted, Slav-Byzantine-style services with high icon screens (whether in Ukraine or the West), and at the same time abbreviated, read, western-style services with no screen. In a city like Lviv, the Church's heartland, these differences can be observed in parishes within blocks of each other, even though the Church's official service books are very eastern. As for the Gregorian calendar, attempts in the past by Latin or Polish authorities to impose it have led to the retention of the Julian calendar within Ukraine. Elsewhere, however, almost two-thirds of all communities use the former. Since the eighteenth century, chorales - some of them quite beautiful - have been sung during worship. This distinguishes Ukrainian Catholic worship from most Orthodox.

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