Recent Developments

Following Bolshevik practice in Russia, the new state authorities of Communist Yugoslavia, after the Second World War, separated the Church from the state and this separation also applied to education. Religious education was taken out of primary and secondary schools and most of the real estate owned by the Church was confiscated. The Theological Faculty was expelled from the University of Belgrade. The schism in parts of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the USA and Macedonia is ongoing, and there are similar problems in Montenegro (the Montenegrin Orthodox Church was officially registered in the year 2000). The wars of the 1990s on the territory of the former Yugoslav state, in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in Kosovo, destroyed many churches and left empty many monasteries, parishes and archbishoprics.

The present-day Serbian Orthodox Church has over 3.500 parishes, 204 monasteries, 1,900 parish priests, some 230 monks and 1,000 nuns. There are six seminaries and two theological faculties: in Belgrade and Libertyville (USA). There is a Theological Institute in Belgrade and Spiritual Academy in Srbinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today seminaries provide education for over 1,000 students and there are over 1,000 students enrolled in theological faculties and spiritual academies. In 1993 the Church established its Academy for Art and Conservation in Belgrade with several departments: iconography, fresco painting, and conservation.

The official publication of the Serbian Orthodox Church is the monthly Glasnik (The Messenger). There is also Pravoslavlje (Orthodoxy), Misionar (Missionary), and Svetosavsko Zvonce (Saint Sava Bell) for children. The Theological Faculty publishes its own periodical as does the Holy Synod and some dioceses. There are also a few religious radio stations.

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