Ordination rites

According to Bernard Botte, the rites of ordination are influenced by the Byzantine rite, but Paul Bradshaw maintains that this may be true in terms of structure, but not text (Bradshaw 1990). The only slight parallels that Bradshaw could trace were with the Georgian rite, and that for readers and deaconesses only. Provision is made for the appointment of a reader and subdeacon with appropriate psalm and prayer. The rite for a deacon begins with Psalms 15 and 25, and then the assembly and God are addressed in prayer with the laying on of the bishop's hand. Amongst the petitions in the prayer for ordination of priests is the following:

Give him apostolic grace to expel and drive away the diseases of sufferings and all foul spirits from humanity; by laying his hands on them and calling on your all-powerful name, let him bestow in grace assistance and healing on the afflicted.

In comparison to other Eastern rites, the ordination rites are quite simple and straightforward.

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