Melkite Greek Catholic Church

The Melkites have five religious communities of men and an equal number of female ones, though none of the latter exists in the West. The male communities, of which the first three are exempt Orders centred in Lebanon, are: (1) the Basilian Salvatoreans (from the Rule of Saint Basil and the Holy Saviour Monastery), established in 1683; (2) the stricter, and more eastern, Basilians of Saint John the Baptist of Shouer (or Saor), founded in the early 1700s; (3) the Aleppo Basilians, who separated from the Shouerites in 1829; (4) the Paulists, a congregation established in 1903; (5) the new Monastery of the Resurrection. Three female Orders correspond in name to the male ones, and the two congregations of women are the Missionaries of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and the Sisters of Our Lady of Good Service.

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