Marriage rites

The marriage rite has the usual eastern brief betrothal, with joining the right hands. Though certain services in western countries include vows, the traditional rite begins with the standard opening of Gloria to the Trinity, prayer and Psalm 51, hymn, prayer, quqal'yon (Psalms 45, 1, 2, 9), eqbo, husoyo, promion, sedro, hymn and etro. Then comes a lavish blessing of the rings, including the petition, 'May these rings be blessed and may they be for the fulfilment of gladness to the children of the Holy Church.' A blessing of bride and groom follows. The second service is the blessing of the crowns or garlands, which again has the stylized beginning from Gloria to etro, followed by lections. The priest recites:

O Lord, who did adorn the sky with luminaries: the sun, the moon, and the stars; O God, who did crown the earth with fruits, flowers, and blossoms of all kinds; O Jesus Christ who did crown kings, priests, and prophets, O Compassionate One, who did bestow his triumph upon his worshippers in return for their heroic combat to keep the faith; Lord, who crowned King David with the crown of victory; O God, who encircled the ocean like a crown around all the earth; O Good One, who blessed the year by his grace, put your right hand, full of mercy and compassion, upon the heads upon which these crowns are placed. Grant them that they also may crown their children with righteousness, justice and mirth. May your peace and concord abide with them throughout their lives forever. Amen. (Metropolitan Samuel 19 74)

Chants follow while the priest waves the crowns over their heads. Prayers are also recited over the best man and bridesmaid. An admonition, joining of hands, and removal of the crowns follow, with Lord's Prayer, Creed and Hymn of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A rubric notes the custom of drinking from a common cup of wine.

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