Maronite Catholic Church

The three exempt orders of men are (1) the Lebanese Maronite Order, (2) the Congregation of Saint Anthony the Great (Antonines) and (3) the Mariamists, or Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The congregation of the Lebanese Missionaries of Kreim (Kreimists) also exists. The first three are seventeenth- and eighteenth-century configurations of earlier Maronite monasticism, while the Kreimists date from 1865. The Maronites have a larger number of female communities: in addition to counterparts of the Antonines and Lebanese Maronite Order, there are the Holy Family Sisters, Sisters of Saint Theresa, Sisters of Our Lady of the Meadow, Sisters of Saint John the Baptist of Hrash, and the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. All of the latter date from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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