Maronite Catholic Church

The Maronite Rite is an independent tradition related to the West Syrian on the one hand and the East Syrian on the other. Ancient Syriac usages were preserved by the monks during the Church's seclusion in the mountains. In 1606 the Maronites became the first easterners to adopt the Gregorian calendar. Structurally, the Eucharist is a variant of the Syriac Liturgy of Saint James and (unlike their Liturgy of the Hours) became heavily Latinized, a trend that was curbed in 1992 with the publication of a new liturgicon. Nonetheless, the Eucharist is said facing the people, organs are almost ubiquitous, and unleavened communion wafers - albeit intincted - continue to be used. Six anaphoras (of the Syriac tradition's several dozen) are regularly employed today. Maronites have been energetic in composing modern hymns (of varying quality), which supplement their reserved, traditional chant. Latin additions to the calendar have been the feasts of the Sacred Heart and Corpus Christi.

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