Maronite Catholic Church

Today, Maronites are reappropriating the Syriac theology of classical authors such as Aphraat, Ephrem and Isaac of Nineveh. Being Semitic, and thus less philosophical than the Greek or Latin traditions, this theology resonates well with the postmodern stress on symbols, imagery and paradox. In spite of extensive liturgical reforms, the Maronites continue to recite the filioque, an addition widely accepted only in 1736.

Theologians Joseph S. Assemani (1687-1768) (not to be confused with Joseph A. Asse-mani, d. 1782, the prolific Maronite liturgist) laid the foundation for modern Syriac studies with his editions of historical documents, patristic works (especially Ephrem), saints' lives and canon law. After Vatican II, Seely Beggiani became prominent in the area of historical theology, culling elements of a systematic theology from the writings of the Syriac fathers, who also inspire his spiritual theology.

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