Because ecclesiastical institutions are important as sources of information regarding their respective churches, a list of these for all of the Eastern Catholic Churches, rather than only the four largest, is provided below. They are listed according to the size of their membership.

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church The Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv has one of the few university-level theology faculties in all of Ukraine, and publishes the journal Bohoslovia. (Other institutions doing academic work in religion reflect the limitations of the transfer of Soviet professors of 'scientific atheism' to 'religious studies', or, on the other hand, the limitations of a catechetical approach - dominant in the newly revived seminaries.) In Rome, the Church sponsors a branch of the university and a metochion at Piazza Madonna dei Monti, while the Vatican supports Saint Josaphat's Seminary and Pokrova graduate residence. In Canada, the Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies of Saint Paul University's Faculty of Theology (Ottawa) is the only institution in the western hemisphere that grants degrees in Eastern Christian Studies from the bachelor's to doctoral level. The institute publishes Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies. Seminaries exist in Ottawa, Washington, DC, and Stamford, Connecticut.

Syro-Malabar Church Three inter-diocesan major seminaries (one of them pontifical) are operated by the Church in Kerala, along with another twelve sponsored either by dioceses or religious orders. The Paurastya Vidyapitham, or Oriental Institute of Religious Studies, located at Vadavathoor has embarked on an ambitious programme of publishing, with several hundred works appearing to date. It is also a centre for international theological conferences.

Maronite Catholic Church Rome's Maronite College was founded in 1584, and though converted to other uses intermittently during the last two hundred years, it is again an institution for Maronites. The Lebanese Maronite Order operates the University of the Holy Spirit in Kaslik (founded in 1961), and in 1987 the Lebanese Mariamists opened the University of Notre Dame, modeled on American institutions of higher learning. A patriarchal seminary exists at Ghazir and a diocesan one near Tripoli.

Melkite Greek Catholic Church The Church currently sponsors three major seminaries: Saint Anne's Patriarchal Seminary at Raboue, Lebanon; Holy Saviour Seminary at Beit Sahour in Israel; and Saint Basil's in Methuen, Massachusetts. Harissa, Lebanon, is the site of a prominent theological institute and publishing house operated by the Melkite Paulists. Sophia Press in Boston has published some of the best translations of Byzantine liturgical texts available. Even some Orthodox use these translations.

Armenian Catholic Church The Mechitarist Fathers operate important institutes of research on the Island of San Lazzaro, Venice, and in Vienna. Their work is revered as much by the Armenian Orthodox as by Catholics. An Armenian seminary has existed at Bzoummar, Lebanon since 1771, and Rome's Armenian College was created by the Vatican in 1883.

Byzantine Catholic Metropolia of Pittsburgh Saint Cyril and Methodius Seminary in Pittsburgh has recently opened its programmes to lay persons and gained accreditation through the Association of Theological Schools. It also operates a Cantor's Institute. The journal Diakonia, closely associated with the Church during the 1980s and 1990s, was published by Jesuits working in Eastern Christian Studies at the University of Scranton, but ceased publication after the transfer of the university's Eastern Christian collection to Slovakia.

Coptic Catholic Church Maadi, a suburb of Cairo, is the site of Saint Leo's Patriarchal Seminary, and the Church sponsors a hospital in the town of Assiut.

Chaldean Catholic Church In spite of difficulties, the Church has attempted to maintain Saint Peter's Patriarchal Seminary in Baghdad.

Ethiopian Catholic Church Rome established a college for the Ethiopians inside the Vatican walls in 1919 and seminaries are maintained in Addis Ababa and Adigrat (Ethiopia), and Asmara and Keren (Eritrea).

Syrian Catholic Church The historic monastery of Sharfeh in Lebanon is the site of a patriarchal seminary and publishing house.

Syro-Malankara Catholic Church Since 1958 the Church has operated the Kurisumala Ashram, where Cistercian spirituality is combined with elements of Hindu asceticism and the West Syrian liturgical tradition. Hindus as well as Christians participate in its programmes. The Church has a college and major seminary in Trivandrum (and six colleges elsewhere), as well as the renowned Saint Ephrem Ecumenical Research Institute in Kottayam, which publishes The Harp. It also operates more than a dozen hospitals and almost 300 schools.

Ruthenian Greek Catholic Church A seminary was founded in Uzhhorod by the Hapsburgs in the 1770s, and was revived in the early 1990s.

Romanian Greek Catholic Church The Romanian College in Rome was created by the Vatican in 1936. After the fall of Communism, seminaries were established in the cities of Cluj, Baia Mare and Oradea, as the former seminaries in Blaj, Oradea Mare and Gherla were not returned to the Church.

Byzantine Catholics in Former Yugoslavia Saints Cyril and Methodius Seminary in Zagreb was built in 1685 and continues to operate. Seminarians take their classes at the city's university.

Slovak Greek Catholic Church Since 1990, a theological faculty has been part of Safarik University in Kosice. A theological faculty is also part of the newly established University of Presov.

Hungarian Greek Catholic Church A prominent seminary has existed in Nyiregyhaza for several decades, and is at the forefront of an easternization movement.

Greek Byzantine Catholic Church The Greek College was established in Rome in 15 76, though it has always been more than a college for Greeks, serving Catholics of all the Byzantine Churches at one time or another. In Greece, the Church operates one of the most renowned hospitals in all the country, the Pammakaristos, founded in Athens in 1944.

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