Funeral rites

The burial rite consists of a service of psalmody, readings and prayers in church or in the house; the funeral procession to the place of burial; a short office; committal; sealing of the grave; and return to the house of the deceased. For lay burial the rite begins with three psalms (Gobola), a prayer concerned with creation of humanity and asking that this person be ranked with the saints of the kingdom, and the Lord's Prayer with paraphrase. This is followed by a psalm, Epistle and Gospel readings. The procession to the grave is followed by prayers, Psalm 116 and a litany with a hundredfold Kyrie. Two lengthy prayers are said to seal the grave, followed by a hymn. On returning to the home, Psalm 44 and a prayer are recited. Provision is made for an office for the second day.

Rites for burial of the clergy are more elaborate. The rite for a priest includes this prayer:

Lord God, creator of all creatures, thou with thy mighty power didst go down into the nether hell, and unleash the power of death. And thou didst set free the spirits therein, and translate them unto thy deathless abode of rest. We pray thee, Lord, mingle the spirit of this priest N or M with the ranks of those who love thy holy name. And do thou bless thy great congregation of us who stand before thee; and make us worthy to glorify Father and Son and holy Spirit, now and ever and to the eternity of eternities. Amen.

It includes the following on behalf of the deceased:

Hail to thee, holy church. Hail to thee, altar of holiness. Hail to you, ranks of the priesthood. I have set forth again on the road to the creator of heaven.

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