Funeral rites

As with the Church of the East, funeral rites are provided for males, females, children and clerics. The rite is known as the tekso d'oufoyo, or order of enshrouding. The overall structure of each is similar, and consists of three services. Here we describe the rites for females. It begins with the trisagion, Lord's Prayer, Gloria to the Trinity, prayer and Psalm 51. A hymn follows, in this case beginning, 'O Christ, who has promised resur rection to Adam's mortal children, we beseech you to raise and quicken your handmaid who has slept trusting you.' Then follows a quqal'yon (Psalm 123: 1-3), eqbo, husoyo, promion, sedro, eqbo and etro. A hymn, 'Sarah died', follows, and then a hymn, 'Sorrow not'. This first service concludes with the supplication of St James, trisagion and Lord's Prayer.

The second service begins with Gloria to the Trinity, prayer, quqal'yon (Psalm 103: 2 and 4), eqbo, husoyo, promion, sedro, eqbo and etro, two hymns, and the supplication of St Ephrem. The third service has the same structure, but after the two hymns comes the supplication of St Balai, a canticle, 'O how bitter the cup', an Epistle reading, a Gospel reading, litany and burial. The rite concludes with the trisagion, Lord's Prayer, Nicene Creed, quqal'yon of the departed, the kaumo of the departed, and the supplication of St Balai. A memorial for the third and fortieth days and the first anniversary are provided to follow the Divine Liturgy.

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