Encounter with Other Religions

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church The Ukrainian Catholic University's Institute of Religion and Society has sponsored several inter-faith conferences, and Myroslav Marynovych, the Institute's director, has worked very closely with Jewish intellectuals to foster dialogue. Cardinal Husar meets regularly with Ukraine's chief rabbi and Muslim leaders. Within the Church at large, however, this is not an area of dynamic activity.

Syro-Malabar Church Owing to the fact that many Syro-Malabars consider the Hindu spiritual tradition equivalent to the Greek philosophical tradition as a praeparatio evangelica, dialogue with Hinduism involves an intense and creative appropriation of the latter rather than just encounter and acquaintanceship. All of the Church's major educational institutions are involved in this dialogue.

Maronite Catholic Church The Maronite universities are centres of inter-faith dialogue, and the recent Patriarchal Assembly included Drouze and Muslim observers (in addition to Orthodox).

Melkite Greek Catholic Church Of all the churches in the Middle-East, the Melkites are the most involved in dialogue with Muslims. The Paulists of Harissa administer an institute for Christian-Muslim dialogue.

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