Daily offices

The Maronite daily office, as might be expected, has much in common with that of the Syrian Orthdox. Ramso has the common opening with introductory prayer, alleluia with refrains, and Psalm 51. A preparatory prayer is followed by the same fixed evening psalms as the Syrian Orthodox. These are followed by soghito, or hymn, 'The Resurrection of Christ', and then by promion, sedro, qolo and etro. For example, the promion for the first Sunday of the Annunciations to Zechariah, has the following:

Praise, glory and honour to the Most High who sent his messenger into his sanctuary, to announce to the priest Zechariah the conception of the Forerunner. To the Good One is due glory and honour this evening, and all the days of our lives, now and for ever. Amen.

Incense is offered during this praise.

Mazmoro follows, and readings. This is followed by bu'otho (supplications), and hutomo with trisagion, Lord's Prayer, final prayers and dismissal. Lilyo follows the same structure as the Syrian Orthodox. Safro includes Magnificat, Psalms 63, 91, 51, nuhro (Hymn of St Ephrem) and benedicite (Tabet 1972). The form of Safro (Matins) provided by the Diocese of St Maron in the USA has a revised structure, and represents a simplification of the older rite. Thus it begins with the opening doxology and prayer with greeting, followed by a short Gloria, prayer and psalm of the day, prayer, nuhro, hymn and a prayer before the fixed morning psalms - Psalms 148-150, and 117. Then follow the Canticle of the Three Children (benedicite), promion, sedro, qolo and etro, mazmoro, readings, Gloria in excelsis and a concluding prayer.

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