Dormition churches, beliefs regarding, 282, 292

Dorotheos ofJerusalem, 45 Dositheos (patriarch ofJerusalem), 201 Dostoevsky, Feodor, 248,339 double-belief (dvoeverie), 256, 354 Doungas, Stephanos, 209 Doxapatres, Neilos, 4i4 Drozdov, Filaret, 329,332, 334, 335 dualism of Bogomils, 47,124

Gregory of Sinai's binary opposition of simplicity/unity and multiplicity/division, 117 Dukh khristianina, 337

Durean, Leon, 453 Dürer, Albrecht, 189 Dusan, Stefan

Hlapen, Radoslav, and, 160 holy or divine wisdom, adaptation of Byzantine imperial connotations of,

law-code of,8

Mount Athos and, 18-20,161 as viewed by Byzantine imperium, 51 dvoeverie (double-belief), 256,354 Dwight, H., 444

Easter, medieval celebration of, 86 Ebu's-su'ud, 166

ecclesiology and spirituality 584-6 ecology and environment Chernobyl, 573 in modern Orthodoxy, 598 ecumenical councils of 1666-67,320,321,322 ecumenical patriarchate. See also individual patriarchs autocephaly and nationalism, resistance to, 237, 541. See also autocephalous Orthodox churches Christ depicted wearing sakkos of, 21,134 diaspora of Orthodox and. See diaspora of Orthodox eastern patriarchates under Ottoman rule and, 184

Greek Revolution, effects of. See Greek

Revolution (1821) and independence imperial role of,2i-8, 50 Latin conquest, effect of, 21, 50 modern diaspora, interest in, 593 modern erosion of power of, 597 Mount Athos, association with, 21 nationalism and autocephaly, resistance to, 237. See also nationalism and Orthodoxy Nikon reforms in Russia and, 315 Ottomans and. See under Ottomans and

Orthodox Church patriarchal academy in Constantinople, i92, 202, 204, 208 persistence of Roman Empire in

Constantinople, commitment to concept of,i0-ii printing press of, 196, 206 rapid turnover of patriarchs, 24 reorganisation after Ottoman restoration, i73-5

resignation from, historical pattern of,i75

restoration by Ottomans, i70-3 restoration to Constantinople after Fourth

Crusade (i26i), 22 Russian-Ukraine relationship, acceptance of, 323 synod archontes, role of, 177 reconstitution after Ottoman restoration, 173 ecumenism. See also entries at Latin; Uniate; union

Aleksii II (Ridiger), Russian patriarch, 575 Armenian Christians involved in, 453-5 Christian-Muslim relationships, 596 on Christology, 539-42 crusades and Orthodox suspicion of, 594,

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