Renaissance, Greek experience of, i87 resettlement, compulsory (siirgun), Ottoman practice of, i7i, i74 revolutionary movements. See communism and socialism; nationalism and Orthodoxy Richelieu, Cardinal, 432 Ridiger, Aleksii, 572, 574-5 Rila (monastery), 37 ritual. See liturgy Rivola, Francesco, 432 roads, chapels as part of,82 Rodinos, Neophytos, i88 Rodios, Maximos, 200 Roe, Sir Thomas, i96, i97 Rokkos, Thomas, 528 Roman (candidate for metropolitan of all

Rhosia), 29 Roman (pupil of Feodosii), 38, 39 Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox contacts with. See also entries at Latin; Uniate; union

Bars'kyjon, 2ii, 226, 227 Counter-Reformation

Armenian Christianity and, 43i-3 in Russia and Ukraine, 302-6. See also Counter-Reformation in Russia and Ukraine

Roman Catholic Church, Orthodox contacts with (cont.) rapprochement at end of iyth century 20i Syriac churches, ecumenical dialogue with,


Uniate Church. See Uniate Church in Ukraine Roman Empire

Moscow/Rus as New

Constantinople/Third Rome/New Israel, 9, i0, 272, 274, 540, 582 persistence in Constantinople, commitment to concept of, i0-ii Romania under communist regime, 562-7, 576-7 hesychasm in, 565-6 nationalism and autocephaly in, 238-40 post-communist period, 576-7 re-education or brainwashing, 563-5 Saguna, Andreiu, theories of, 244-5 Romanos Melodos, i48, i5i Romanov, Filaret (Russian patriarch), 305, 306-8, 3ii Romanov, Mikhael, 306, 307 Romanovs, early regime of, 306-8 Romans (Deir al-Baramtis), Coptic monastery of, 492, 508 Rosen, Baroness Praskov'ia Grigor'evna

(Mother Mitrofaniia), 340 Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 206 royal church in Ethiopian Christianity, 47i-6 Rublev, Andrei, 264, 283, 288-9i, 297 Russia and Russian Church. See also art and religion in Russia; Latin-Russian Orthodox relations; lay piety and religious experience in Russia;monasteries and monasticism; nationalism and Orthodoxy; Old Believers i380-i589, 253-5

art and religion. See art and religion in

Russia culture and piety, 260-6 hesychasm, 262-3

lay piety. See lay piety and religious experience in Russia 'lived Orthodoxy' and heterodoxy 255-60 monasticism, 26i, 266-7i i598-i6i3 ('Time of Troubles'), 253, 264,

i6i3-i72i. See Counter-Reformation in Russia and Ukraine i72i-i9i7. See holy synod, Russian Church under i9i7-present. See under communism and socialism; diaspora of Orthodox Armenian community in Russia, 438-9,

446-9, 453

autocephaly ofpatriarchate (i589), i85, 253,

Bulgaria, ties to, 562

Byzantine commonwealth, participation in, 8-ii, 28-33 church-state relationship. See under church and state, relationship of conversion of, 3 education. See under education folk customs. See under folk customs and superstitions, persistence of fragmentation of Golden Horde, effect of,

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