re-establishment of Orthodox hierarchy and, 304

Romanov wariness regarding, 307 Uniate Romanian Church, communist repression of, 562 Uniate Syriac churches Chaldean Church, 526-3i Malankara Church of India, 5i4 Maronites. See Maronites Syrian Catholic Church, 5i5-i9 union of Armenian and Latin churches,


union ofArmenian and Orthodox churches, proposals regarding, 4i3-i5 Union of Krewo (i383), 27 union ofOrthodox and Latin churches, 53 Brest-Litovsk, pseudo-union of(i595), i93 Counter-Reformation proposals for, 304-5 John V Palaiologos's attempts at, 67-8 Manuel II Palaiologos and, 7i-3 Ottoman conquest ofByzantium and, i7i, i72

union ofFlorence (i439) Armenians, 428 Byzantine hostility to, 76-7 Counter-Reformation reunion proposals and, 304 Gennadios as leader of opposition in aftermath of,53 negotiations leading up to, 73-6 Orthodox abolition of,i85 proclamation of, 53

Russian Orthodox Church, consequences for, 316 Russian rejection of,27i union of Lyons (1274), 58-61, 419 unitary faith (edinoverie) of Old Believers and

Russian Orthodox, hopes of, 328 United Kingdom. See Britain United States, Orthodox Church of,592-3 universal Christianity mysticism of,329 Urban II (pope), 382 Urban V (pope), 68 Urban VIII (pope), 196 urbanisation in Russia, 356,366 Uspenskii/Uspensky, Leonid, 555, 590 Ustase, 577

'Uthman al-Nabulusi, 386 Uvarov, Count Sergei, 351

Vadkovskii, Antonii, 336, 341,342

Vahkac'i, Kostandin, 428

Valedinskii, Dionisii, 547

Vapheidis, Philaretos, 237

Varag monastery, 445

Vardapet, Vanakan, 418

Varham. See Grigor II

Varlaam, monastery of,268

Vasilii I (grand prince of Muscovy), 10,31, 32,

45, 27i

Vasilii II (grand prince of Muscovy), 271 Vasilii III (tsar), 264, 293, 299 Vasilii (son of Ivan III), 260 Vassian Patrikeev (prince), 271 Vatican Council I (1869-70), 528 Vatican Council II (1962-65), 453, 517, 531 Vatopedi, Athonite monastery of, 158,162, i63, 202 Velestinlis, Rhigas, 206, 207 Velychkovskii/Velichkovsky Paisii, 339, 588 Venetian Crete, Orthodox/Latin relationship in, 69

Veniamin (metropolitan of Petrograd), 560 Venice, Greek community in, 69-73, 2i2, 2i3

vestments ecumenical patriarchate, Christ depicted wearing sakkos of,2i, 134 Eucharist, themes associated with celebration of, i3i Photios, metropolitan ofKiev and all Rus, sakkos of, 10, 21, 32,33,131 women's devotional art in Russia (1380-1589), 264

Vicina, metropolitanate of, 25 Vidin, see of, 38 Vienna, Congress of (1815), 369 Vienna formula, 531, 533 Vikentije (Serbian patriarch), 578 Vimercati, 493

Virgin Mary. See also specific icons and manifestations, e.g.Hodegetria Akathistos hymn and art, 130,148,150, i5i as Constantinople's patron, 3 fertility to barren women, as granter of, 88 icons and epithets from liturgical poetry, i52

Saburova, Solomoniia, devotional art of, 264

Vishniakov, Aleksei Andreevich, 221 vision literature, 47, 98 Viskovatyi, I. M., 297 visual arts. See art

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