Lade, Serafim, 547

Lambronac'i, Nerses, archbishop of Tarsos,

Lashchevskyj, Varlaam, 228

Laskaris, Theodore, 87

Last Judgement, popularity ofvisual representations of, 98 Lateran Council IV Latin-Armenian relations, 4i0

adoption of Latin liturgical books and practices, 4i5, 449-50 Anavarzec'i, Grigor, ecumenical motivations of, 420-2 complexity of Armenian religion, 427-9 during Counter-Reformation period, 43i-3 crusades, 4i0

doctrinal adherence of Armenians to Latin norms, 4i7-i9 L'viv community, 434-5 Mamluk concerns regarding, 408 modern ecumenical movement, 453-5 NewJulfa community, 436 Ottoman Empire, Catholic missions in, 440 Roman mission to Greater Armenia (i4th century), 424-7 Uniate patriarchate founded in Aleppo,

44i, 443

union of churches, 4i5-i7 union of Florence (i439), 428 union of Lyons (i274), 4i9 Latin conquest of Constantinople (i204) Bulgaria, revolt of Asen brothers in, i6 Byzantine commonwealth's continuing and increasing importance despite, i2, i4

ecumenical patriarchate's role affected by, 2i, 50

ecumenism, modern Orthodox suspicion of, 594

heretical nature of Latin belief in Greek thought and polemic, influencing,

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