icons, 590

lay piety, modern renewal of,589-90 monasticism, revival of, 586, 590 national churches and nationalism, 591-4 organisational and administrative problems, 596-7 patristics, Russian revival of study of,587-8 social and ethical problems, 597-8 world, adapting to, 583 Mohyla (Moghila), Peter (metropolitan of

Kiev), 200, 20i, 308-i0 Moisiodax, Iosipos, 205 Mokac'i, Nerses, 437 Moldavia. See also Romania Armenian community in, 434 metropolitanate of

Moldavia/Maurovlachia, 27 monastic revival in, 339 patronage of Mount Athos by voyvodas of, i68

Protestant influence in, 189 union with Wallachia (1859), 239 Molinos, Miguel de, 204 monasteries and monasticism. See also specific monks and monasteries adelphata (monastic annuity), 161,164 in Armenian Christianity i050-i350, 409, 4ii-i2, 426 Mxit'arists, Uniate order of,44i, 443, 447,

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