Dionisii (icon painter), 264, 293-4 Dionisii (Valedinskii), metropolitan of

Warsaw, 547 Dionysios I (ecumenical patriarch), 176,177 Dionysios II (ecumenical patriarch), 185 Dionysios (Jacobite patriarchal candidate),

380,391 Dionysios of Ephesos, 230 Dionysios, Platamon, 206 Dionysios the Areopagite. See

Pseudo-Dionysios Dionysiou, Athonite monastery of,2c, 156,

158, 203, 220 Disypatos, David, 125 divine office (hymnody) horologia, 146-50 icons influenced by, 151-2 liturgical year, books of,i47 monumental painting and hymnography, i50-i psalters, i47, i49

text and images in manuscripts associated with, i46-50 Divine (or Heavenly or Celestial) Liturgy, iconography of, 137

divine or holy wisdom, Byzantine imperial connotations of Rus adaptation of, 9 Serbian adaptation of, 8, 9 divorce in Ethiopian Christianity, 460 forcible tonsure as means of, 264, 269 modern Russian Orthodox position on, 598 Dmitrievskii, A. A., 333 Dmitrii Donskoi (prince of Moscow), St,

29-31, 43, 254, 268, 286 Dmitrii (grandson of Ivan III), 260 Dobrynin, Nikita, 3i8, 320, 32i Docheiariou (monastery on Mount Athos),

20, 82,165, 223 doctrinal development, Russian Church under holy synod's lack of allowance for, 334

domestic life, Byzantine lay piety and religious experience in, 90-3 Dominic of Aragon, 418 Dominicans

Armenian Christianity and, 417-19, 424-7 Chaldean Church, 526 crusades, effect on eastern Christianities of, 384

delegation of 1234 to Byzantium, 55-60 Demetrios Kydones and followers, 71 Fratres Unitores of the congregation of St

Gregory the Illuminator, 426, 428, 432 influence in Constantinople, 66, 69 Pera, convent in Genoese factory of,66 trading patterns favouring activities of, 419 Dominis, Marcantonio de, 194 Domostroi, 256, 275 Dondukov-Korsakov, A. M., 448 Doquz-Khatun (Nestorian wife of Hulegu),

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