Moscow, 281-3, 292-5 Novgorod, 278 church architecture of Ethiopian royal churches, 471-6 Church Fathers. See patristics Church of the East

Chaldean Church and, 526-31 ecumenical dialogue, 531-5 Holy Apostolic and Catholic Church of the East and Old Calendarists, split between, 526 modern church, 523-6 pre-modern church. See Nestorians Churikov Ivan, 345 Chuvash, 328 Cicek, Julius, 514

Cilicia. See Armenian Christianity cinema in Russia, 361-2

Ciriaco of Ancona, 76,162

civil control of church. See church and state, relationship of Clement V (pope), 422 Clement IX (pope), 433 Clement X (pope), 435 Clement XII (pope), 520 Cleopa, Ilie, 566 Clot bey, 493 Codex Alexandrinus, 197 Collegium Urbanum, 431, 433, 434 colonisation joint Orthodox and Muslim experience of,

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