sojourned in 1588 on his return journey. In the following year, the patriarchal synod in Constantinople, together with Patriarch Joachim of Antioch and Patriarch Sophronios V of Jerusalem, gave its approval to this momentous event, which meant official recognition by the religious authorities of a huge and populous country of the spiritual leadership of the ecumenical patriarchate.59

59 Halecki, Florence to Brest, 223-35; F. v. Lilienfeld and E. Bryner, 'Die autokephale Metropolie von Moskau und ganz Russland (1448-1589)', in Die orthodoxe Kirche in Russland, Documente ihrer Geschichte (860-1980), ed. P. Hauptmann and G. Stricken (Göttingen: Vandenhoek and Ruprecht, 1988), 289-302.

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