Khmelnytsky revolt and Pereiaslav

Agreement (i648-i654), 3ii-i2,323 Kulikovo, stand against Tatars at (i380), 43, 253, 254

Latin and Uniate churches, wariness of,

307, 308

Law Code of i649,3i4

Lithuania's designs on, 28-3i liturgy. See art and religion in Russia, and under liturgy millennium celebrations of Russian

Christianity, 573 monastic authority and concept of

Byzantine Commonwealth in, 4i-6 Mount Athos monasteries and, i5, 20 New Constantinople/New Rome/New

Israel, Moscow as, 9, i0 Obolensky's institutional theory of

Byzantine commonwealth, criticism of, 7 patriarchate abolition of(i72i), 324, 326-7. See also holy synod, Russian Church under conciliar rule, demand for return to,

340-7, 353

establishment of (i589), i85, 253, 272, 275,

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