saints, cult of. See also hagiography and under names ecclesiastical rites illustrated in hagiographic depictions of, i45 eucharistic images drawn from, i37 feast days, 85-7 holy fools, 47-9, 258, 300, 364 lay piety and religious experience in Russia

(i72i-i9i7), 364 liturgical year and hagiographic collections, i4i-3 naming of children after saints, 94 palls for saints' tombs, 296 pilgrimages involving, 88-90 private devotions involving, 9i relics, veneration of, 89 in Russia, 257, 275 unofficial and unverifiable cults, suppression of, 322 Sakakinl, Khalfl, 246 Saladin, 38i, 4i7

Silama (Ethiopian bishop), 466, 479-8i Salama Musa, 497

salvation anxieties, lay means of assuaging, 97-i00 Samarin, Iurii, 335

Sambor, Holy Saviour monastery near, 2i2

Samoilovych (Hetman), 323

Samos, Bars'kyj's description of sanctuary of

Hera on, 225, 227 Samuel I (ecumenical patriarch), 204 Samuel (Coptic bishop), 583 Sanahnec'i, Anania, 406 Sangi, emir of Mosul, 4i0 Sanlecques, Jacques, 432

Sargis (Armenian catholicos), 408 Sargis of Salmosavank', 437 Sargisean, Garegin, 453, 455 Sarhat, Xoja, 432

Sarsa Dengel (Ethiopian ruler), 473, 477 Sasnec'i, Mxit'ar, 425

Satana likuiushchii (Satan triumphant) (film),

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