monastic rise to dominance following, i25 recovery of Constantinople by Greeks, 56

Latin-Coptic relations

British in Egypt, 497, 498, 503 French Expedition (i798-i80i), 489, 492 western influence, acceptance and later rejection of,503-4 Latin crusades, effect of.See crusades Latin-Ethiopian relations

European travellers to Ethiopia in i9th century, 465 Italian occupation, 467, 476, 483, 484 Jesuit contacts in i7th century, 463, 476-8 Latin Levantine and Italy, Greeks in, 69-73 Latin-Orthodox relations during the late

Byzantine Empire. See Byzantium and the west, relationship between; union of Orthodox and Latin churches Latin-Orthodox relations from Reformation to Enlightenment, i87-8 Cyril I Loukaris, patriarchate of, i93-202 French Revolution, effects of, 205-9, 229 Greek Revolution (i82i), 209, 229 modern secular learning, Orthodox views on, 202-9

Mohyla influenced by Latin and Uniate churches, 308, 309, 3i0 Protestants, dialogue with, i85, i88-9i in Russia. See Latin-Russian Orthodox relations state of Orthodox church, i9i-3 Latin-Orthodox relations in modern world,

594-6. See also ecumenism Latin religious orders, influence of. See also Dominicans; Franciscans; Jesuits Capuchins

Armenian missions of, 432, 436, 44i Orthodox conflicts with, i97 Carmelites, Armenian missions of, 44i Latin-Russian Orthodox relations. See also Uniate church in Ukraine i380-i589, 260 diaspora, ecumenical relations between western churches and, 55i-2, 553 disaffection of lay elites in i8th and i9th centuries, 357 under holy synod (i72i-i9i7), 328, 329-30 lay piety and religious experience

(i72i-i9i7), European context for,

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