Zaporozhian Cossacks in Ukraine, 305 Counter-Reformation and Armenian

Christianity, 43i-3 Counter-Reformation in Russia and Ukraine, 302-6

ecumenical councils of 1666-1667, 320, 321, 322

eschatology in, 311, 321 eventual domination of Orthodox Ukraine Church by Russia, 3i2, 322-3, 324

Counter-Reformation in Russia and Ukraine (cont.) Khmelnytsky revolt and Pereiaslav

Agreement (i648-i654), 3ii-2, 323 liturgical reforms in Russia, 3i0-ii Mohyla, Peter, 308-i0 Nikonite reforms background to and implementation of, 3i3-i8 opposition to, 3i7-2i Old Believers, 32i-2, 324 printing and publishing in, 307-8, 309-i0, 3ii, 3i5-i8, 32i re-establishment ofOrthodox hierarchy in

Ukraine, 305-6 Romanovs in Russia, 306-8 Uniate church. See Uniate Church in Ukraine Cranach, Lucas, the Elder, i89 Crete

Angarathos monastery, i93 ethnomartyrs ofGreek Revolution (i82i), 230

Gerasimos (metropolitan of Crete), 230

Kavallarea, monastery of, i56 Venetian Crete, Orthodox/Latin relationship in, 69 Crimean War, 241 Croatia, 577

cross, two-fingered vs. three-fingered sign of, 3i6

crown of Monomachos, 9, 52 crown of St Stephen, 5, 254 crusades

Armenian Christianity affected by, 383, 406, 4i0

eastern Christianities under Islam affected by, 382-6

Fourth Crusade. See Latin conquest of

Constantinople Greek view of, 54-6 Hungarian crusade ofi444, 77 Islamic religious toleration affected by, 385-6

Michael VIII Palaiologos's proposal for joint Byzantine/Latin crusade, 57 Crusius, Martin, 185,189,190 Cuza, Alexander, 239 Cyprus

Armenian marital alliances with house of

Lusignan, 420 Bars'kyjin, 218

declaration of independence and subsequent fall to crusaders, 406 ethnomartyrs of Greek Revolution (1821), 230

Lusignan dynasty

Armenian intermarriages with, 420 Palaiologos family, intermarriage with,

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