Armenian celebration of, 404, 4i3, 42i centrality to lay piety and religious experience in Russia, 363 Chaldean and Roman Catholic churches, ecumenical dialogue between, 534 in Coptic Christianity, 508 frequency of lay people taking communion in medieval period, 84 hagiography, eucharistic images drawn from, i37

Heavenly (or Divine or Celestial) Liturgy, iconography of, i37 icons, i3i-4

manuscripts ofliturgy, text and images in, i29-30

objects associated with celebration of, i30-4

Old Testament prefigurations of sacrifice, portrayal of, i37 Romanians under communist regime and, 566

sanctuary area, decoration of, i34-6 spirituality of, 585 templon or iconostasis, 85,133-4 Euchologion, 129

Eudokia (daughter of Alexios III), 16 Eugenios ofAnchialos, 230 Eugenios ofTrebizond, St, 88 Eugenius IX (pope), 73 European historiography and Russian

Orthodoxy, 367-70 Eusebius of Caesarea, 395, 488 Eustathios Boilas, 81 Eustathios of Thessalonike, 87 euthanasia, 598

evangelical movement in late imperial Russia,

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