in eastern Christianities under Islam

(iith-i4th centuries), 392-7 in Russia

1380-1589, 261-2, 264

i9i7, 359


Byzantine Commonwealth, participation in, 28-3i, 52 Cyril I Loukaris (ecumenical patriarch) in, i93

Ivan III's struggle with, 273

protomartyrs of,28,31, 32, 44

rise of polity of pagan Grand Duke Olgerd, and designs on Rus, 28-31 Union ofKrewo (1383), 27. See also

Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Litsevoi letopisnyi svod (Illustrated Chronicle

Collection), 262 'Little Russia'. See Belarus; Ukraine liturgical year Armenian, 416

art and religion. See art and religion in later

Byzantine Empire eastern Christianities under Islam, 40i lay piety as framework for in Byzantium, 83 in Russia, 355 menaion, 279 liturgy. See also divine office; Eucharist Armenian Christianity, 409 art and. See art and religion in later

Byzantine Empire; art and religion in Russia

Bars'kyj's interest in, 213, 219, 226 Basil, liturgy of, 84,127,129-30,134 eastern Christianities under Islam, 40i fusion of Great Church of St Sophia liturgy and monastic rites, i27 Heavenly (or Divine or Celestial) Liturgy, iconography of, 137 John Chrysostom, liturgy of,84,127, i29-30, i34

lay piety liturgical framework of,83-5

liturgy (cont.)

liturgical books. See books, art and religion mnogoglasie (simultaneous chanting of different parts of service), 3i0,3ii Pedilavum ceremony, i44 physical division of church corresponding to, i28 Russian Church centrality to lay piety and religious experience, 363 diaspora, 556-7

national consciousness and religious ritual, 273-5 Nikonite reforms, 3i3-2i reforms of i7th century, 3i0-ii spirituality of, 585 Locke, John, 204 Loginevskii, Aleksandr, 34i Lorec'i, Georg, 408 Lorenzatos, Zisimos, 249 Loreto, purported site of Annunciation in, 2i6 Lossky Vladimir, 587 Louis XIV (French king), 432, 433 Loukaris confession, i97-8, i99, 20i Loukaris, Constantine (Cyril I, ecumenical patriarch), i86, i9i, i92, i93-202 Loukaris, Maximos, i93 Loukaris translation of New Testament into modern Greek, 200-i Lowrie, Donald, 552 Lrimec'i, Malak'ia, 428 Lucius III (pope), 4i5 Luke (metropolitan ofVicina), 25 Lusignans of Cyprus

Armenian intermarriages with, 420 Palaiologos family, intermarriage with, 70 Lutherans and Lutheranism. See

Protestantism and Orthodoxy L'viv community of Armenian Christians,

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