Hitler, Adolf,and Russian diaspora, 546-7 Hlapen, Radoslav, and family, i60 Hncakean Revolutionary Party, 449 Hobalsh, Joseph, 520 Hodegetria icon, 3, 87, i45 Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, Carol (prince of

Romania), 239 Holobolos, Manuel, 60

Holy Apostles, church of,Constantinople, i73 Holy Apostolic and Catholic Church of the

East, 526 holy fools, 47-9, 258,300,364 Holy Land, pilgrimage to, 88, 2i3-i9 holy mountains as characteristic of Byzantine monasticism, i55 holy or divine wisdom, Byzantine imperial connotations of Rus adaptation of, 9 Serbian adaptation of, 8 , 9 Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem antagonism between Franciscans and

Orthodox regarding, i87 Bars'kyj on Holy Fire ritual at, 2i7 destruction by al-Hakim, 382 Russian church architecture imitating, 266 holy synod, Russian church under (i72i-i9i7),

325-6, 347

administrative and clerical reforms of first century of,327-8 conciliar rule, demand for return to, 340-7,

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