modern patristics revival, 588 Mohyla influenced by Latin and Uniate churches, 308, 309, 3i0 Nikon reforms, 3i5-i8, 320 Ukrainian/Latin influence, 3ii wariness of Roman Catholicism and Uniate Church, 307,308,3ii Latin-Syriac relations

British ties to patriarch of Church of the

East, 524-5 Chaldean Church, 526-3i Malankar Syriac church in India, 5i4 Maronites. See Maronites Syrian Catholic Church, 5i5-i9 Syrian Orthodox Church, 5i2-i4 Latin theology of Trinity. See Trinity,

Orthodox vs. Latin theology of Latin vs. Ottoman conquest,

Byzantine/Orthodox view of, 69, i59, i70, i7i, i85 Latin west, diaspora churches of, 59i-3 Latvian Lutherans, 330, 33i Laud, William (archbishop of Canterbury), i94

laurel leaves, tradition of decorating church with, 86

Lausanne, Treaty of (i923), 247, 5i2, 524 Law Code of i649 (Russia), 3i4 lay piety and religious experience in Byzantium, 79 attendance at church services, 83 barrier, obscuring of liturgical service behind (templon or iconostasis), 85 church buildings and chapels, 79-83, 98

communion, frequency of taking, 84 diversity of, i00

in domestic and private life, 90-3 feast days, 85-7

financial contributions to churches, 97-8 icons, role of, 85 jewellery and amulets, 92-3 lifecycle rituals, 90, 94-7, i00 liturgical framework of, 83-5 pagan customs and superstitions, persistence of,99-i00 pilgrimage, 87, 88-90 processions, 87 relics, veneration of, 89 salvation anxieties, means of assuaging, 97-i00

work and occupations, devotions associated with, 93-4, i00 lay piety and religious experience in Coptic

Christianity, 495-50i lay piety and religious experience in Russia. See also folk customs and superstitions, persistence of

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