Russian lifecycle rituals, 355 Martin, Pere, 398 Martin V (pope), 72

'martyrdom' spirituality of Orthodoxy, 582-3 Martyrios, St, 93 Marx, Karl, 360, 563

Mary, Bearer of God, at Tel Wardiyat, Syrian

Orthodox monastery of,5i3 Mary, Mother of God. See Virgin Mary Mary of Egypt, i37 al-Masih, 'Abd, i82 mass suicides of Old Believers, 322 Matta al-Miskin, 505-6, 583 Mattewos (Ethiopian bishop), 482-4 Matthew I (ecumenical patriarch), 32 Matthew (Syrian patriarch), 5i6 Matthew ofEphesos, 86 Matthopoulos, Eusebios, 589 Maucollet, Fr, 490 Maurikos, Demetrios, 8i Maurovlachia (Moldavia), metropolitan see of, 27

al-Ma'ushi, Bolos, 522 Mavrokordatos, Alexander, 202 Mawhui b, 396

Maxim (Bulgarian patriarch), 576 Maximos Chrysoberges, 70, 7i Maximos the Confessor, St, 9i, ii2, i20, i22, i25, 587

Maximos Kausokalybites, St, 89 Maximos Planoudes, 57 Mazaris, 98

Mec Anapat, Armenian monastery of, 437 MECC (Middle East Council ofChurches), 532

Medici, Cosimo de', 76 Mehmed II the Conqueror (sultan), 78, i70, i7i, i75, i76, i77, i83, i84, i92 Melanchthon, Philip, i88 Meletios IV (ecumenical patriarch), 247 Meletios (Pigas), patriarch ofAlexandria, i93, i94

Meletios of Lattakia/Laodikeia (patriarch of

Antioch), 245 Meletios (abbot of Vatopedi), 202 Meletios (monk sent to Rome by Michael

VIII Palaiologos), 59 Melik'-Yakobean, Yakob (Raffi), 447 Melikes, Raoul Manuel, 57

Melkites, 376. See also Islam, eastern Christianities under arabisation of,390 crusades, effect of, 383, 384,386 Jerusalem patriarchate, control of, 377. See also Jerusalem patriarchate literary culture and learning of,393,395,397 sense of overarching imperial order in, 34-5 memorial services for the dead, 96,145 menaion, 279

Menilek II (Ethiopian ruler), 466-7, 475, 482,

483, 487

Menologion of Basil II, 141,144,145-6 Mentewwab (Ethiopian empress), 464, 465 Mesonesiotissa, monastery of, 160 Mesopotamia arabisation of,39i Jacobites in, 377 monasteries in, 397 Mongols in, 387

Nestorians in, 377-8, 388. See also Nestorians Messalian heresy, i24 Metaxas, Nikodemos, 196 Meteora monastery, i58 Methodios (ecumenical patriarch), i07 Metochites, Theodore, 182 Metrophanes (metropolitan of Berroia), 189 Metrophanes (metropolitan of Caesarea), 185 Meyendorff, John, 263, 334, 552, 587 Michael (archangel), St, 279 Michael the Younger, St, 182 Michael VII Doukas (emperor), 5 Michael VIII Palaiologos (emperor), 25, 50, 56, 68, i02, 226 Michael (metropolitan of Belgrade), 237 Michael (archbishop of Bethlehem), 33 Michael (bishop of Damietta), 395 Michael the Syrian (Jacobite patriarch of

Antioch), 383, 389, 395,399 Michaud, 493 Michels, G. B., 321

Middle East Council ofChurches (MECC),

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