Feast days and pilgrimage

Churches saw their greatest attendance on important feast days, which were numerous. An edict issued by the emperor Manuel I (who was concerned about the number of days that the law courts were officially closed)

15 PG 138, 968c. Cf. R. F. Taft, 'The frequency of the eucharist in Byzantine usage: history and practice', Studi sull' Oriente Cristiano 4.1 (2000), 103-32.

16 J. B. Pitra, Analecta sacra Spicilegio Solesmensi parata (Paris: Roger and Chernowitz, 1891; reprinted Farnborough: Gregg International, 1967), vii (vi), col. 668. The bishop was John ofKitros: see J. Darrouz├Ęs, 'Les r├ęponses canoniques de Jean de Kitros', REB 31 (1973), 329.

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