Contributors 7

Foreword 9

John Piper

Introduction 13

Justin Taylor

Acknowledgments 19

Part One Historical Influences

1 The Rabbis and the Claims of Openness Advocates 23

Russell Fuller

2 Genetic Defects or Accidental Similarities? 43

Orthodoxy and Open Theism and Their Connections to Western Philosophical Traditions

Chad Owen Brand

Part Two

Philosophical Presuppositions and Cultural Context

3 True Freedom: The Liberty That Scripture Portrays 77

as Worth Having

Mark R. Talbot

4 Why Open Theism Is Flourishing Now 111

William C. Davis

Part Three

Anthropomorphisms, Revelation, and Interpretation

5 Veiled Glory: God's Self-Revelation in 149

Human Likeness—A Biblical Theology of God's Anthropomorphic Self-Disclosure

6 Hellenistic or Hebrew? Open Theism and 201

Reformed Theological Method

Michael S. Horton

Part Four

What Is at Stake in the Openness Debate?

7 The Inerrancy of Scripture 237

Stephen J. Wellum

8 The Trustworthiness of God and the 275

Foundation of Hope

Paul Kjoss Helseth

9 The Gospel of Christ 309

Bruce A. Ware

Part Five

Drawing Boundaries and Conclusions

10 WHEN, WHY, AND FOR WHAT Should We Draw 339

New Boundaries?

Wayne Grudem

11 Grounds for Dismay: The Error and Injury of 371

Open Theism

John Piper

A Bibliography on Open Theism 385

Justin Taylor

Scripture Index 401

Person Index 407

Subject Index 413

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