First and foremost, we thank our Lord Jesus Christ, the embodiment of grace and truth, for his mercy over our lives. Christ is all, and before him we bow with gratitude and joy.

We are thankful to many who have contributed to this project. Noël Piper and Lea Taylor love and support us in countless ways through all that we do. "An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels" (Prov. 31:10). Hovald and Betty Helseth have been a constant source of prayer, encouragement, and love. It is a delight and privilege to honor them (Ex. 20:12). Our colleagues at Desiring God Ministries, Bethlehem Baptist Church, and Northwestern College are joyful and serious comrades in the cause of God and truth.

A special word of thanks goes to Matt Perman for producing the subject index, Carol Steinbach and Sara June Davis for providing the Scripture index, and Michael Thate for proofreading the entire manuscript and assembling the person index. Thank you, friends, for your labors of love!

We also extend our thanks to the entire team at Crossway Books—especially Lane Dennis, Marvin Padgett, Bill Deckard, and Jill Carter—for their assistance with this book, but more importantly, for embracing and supporting the vision of God and truth behind it.

Part One

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