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Many people today believe that it is now very close to the second coming of Christ. This research points to a specific fulfillment that precedes the second coming: the event that marks the identity of the Antichrist. It is being fulfilled now. And because these results do not yield any knowledge of the time of the Second Coming, it does not qualify as "time setting" because it does not identify anything beyond the arrival of the man whose number is 666. This prophecy of the number 666 only reveals the identity of the Antichrist when he arrives, just as the prophecy (19 of 105) [10/28/2007 14:09:03]

in 2Thess 2:8 states: "And then shall that Wicked be revealed." No one has accused the Bible of "time setting" when it states that the "wicked" one will be revealed at the time of his arrival. This research has never claimed to reveal the time of the Lord's second coming. There are several elements in Revelation 13 and 17 that reference events after revealing the identity of the Antichrist; the beast goes into perdition, its ten horns will hate the whore and burn her with fire, and the making of the image to the beast and setting up the mark of the beast. At the next transition in the papacy, Benedict XVI will be deposed and the Antichrist set in his place. Benedict XVI is not the 666 man.

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Would it still be considered as "soft time setting" if the church acknowledges that a certain event has happened that is known to precede the coming of Christ such as the Sunday Laws? The END is going to come... are they going to "let it" come? Or does the church "shun" all interpretations that claim to be the fulfillment of any remotely proximate prophecy, because it reveals an event too close to the end?

The predicted "Loud Cry" of the angel of Revelation 18 is to occur at some time following the events that the prophecy of the number 666 predicts. Even after the Loud Cry, the "Sunday Laws" that are predicted to come, take the remnant right up to the very edge of the second coming. Will the leadership of the church "deny" that these Sunday Laws are taking place, just because it is so close to the second coming, that it would constitute "soft time setting?" There are many prophetic events that will occur that will place man far closer to the Second Coming than this 666 count does, and they will then know that they are at a time subsequent to this prophecy, would that be "time setting?" At that time, that which I have given as an interpretation here would be past history. "Soft time setting" is an invention devised to reject the interpretations of end time prophecies that approach the end time, yet does not set any dates. They may as well say that when they see the fulfillment of the parable of the fig tree; "When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves." that they should call it "soft time setting," based on the grounds of "time setting" in general, and they reject the signs, though they be given by God Himself.

The prophecies of Daniel gave us the time spans that identify this beast, and marks the time that the beast is wounded.

And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days. —Daniel 12:11

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This prophecy of Daniel 12:11, spans from 508 to 1798. And it is at its terminal end in 1798, that the first head of the beast is wounded. This begins the seven head / mountain lineup of Revelation 17:11. The first head thus begins in 1798, when the beast is called "is not," and ends with the eighth who enters "perdition," which is its final destruction when Christ comes. Revelation 17:11 And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

The interplay of heads and names used by the popes since 1798, display an interesting scenario; The first head, Pius, was followed by the second head Leo, then reverting back to the first head Pius, before introducing the third, Gregory. This jostling of names occurs until John appears, then it moves straight to the sixth head, then to the seventh head. Thus the prophecy by stating that five are fallen, allows for the interplay of the five names, but then when it comes to the sixth and seventh, it displays a straight consecutive progression. The greater emphasis and finer details are revealed at the end rather than at the beginning.

This interpretation of Revelation 13:18 urges the reader to concede to the heart of the Gospel. It focuses on the last great message from God before He comes; the Three Angels' Messages. It forms the impetus of the Loud Cry, to call God's people to come out of Babylon. This message is the Three Angels' Messages being repeated... it bears all the same elements; The hour of judgment is come.Come out of Babylon.Do not worship the beast, his image, or receive his name or his mark.

I used the Bible as the outline guide to arrange quotes that pertained to the Three Angels' Messages. I later realized that this was an essential prerequisite to the research on the number

666. The identifying number of the 666 man and beast initiates the Loud Cry as seen in Revelation 18 when the repeating of the Three Angels' Messages are heard again. I realized that it is this

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message that repeats the Three Angels' Messages. The hour of His judgment is come. We are now past the "short space." The Second Angel's Message is directly linked to Revelation 18, as it repeats; Babylon is fallen, is fallen. And the imminent mark of the beast will be soon to follow. As pertaining to the Third Angel's Message, the identification of the man whose number is 666, directly relates to the warning of the third angel in his statement; "If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand." It is directly linked to the message in Revelation 13:17; "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." The number 666 identifies this beast whose mark is to be placed on its followers.

The 1,290 year prophecy ends at 1798, the same time as the end of the 1,260 year prophecy. Protestants have no problem identifying this as the time of oppressive papal rule over the kings of the earth. This is the beast described in Revelation 13.

John the Revelator was taken in vision by the angel, to the wilderness where the beast was put into in 1798, and it is from there that he sees this beast. The outline of the prophecy tells us John saw that the first "five are fallen," and the sixth being the "one is" making Pope Paul VI as the point of perspective from which John the Revelator is perceiving this seven head lineup, and John Paul as the seventh head that "is not yet come." Only a new name such as John Paul had introduced, could fit the seventh head between these four requirements;

1. The name must be new, not having existed before Paul VI, who was the last representative of the sixth mountain. John Paul I, by his number, signifies him as the fulfillment of having "not yet come" from the perspective of the prophecy that places it in the setting of the sixth head. John Paul's name as chosen is in honor of Pope Paul VI, and John XXIII (XXI).

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2. He must be followed by another pope of the same name; John Paul. He must also be a mountain requiring at least two pontificates of this new name.

3. The count from his mountain name must not exceeded 666, nor equal it. It must be within the count of "1" from 666, and in fact, must equal 665.

4. The seventh mountain must "continue a short space" A small mountain of two consecutive pontificates generates a "short space" and in noting that history has given us the first pontificate of the seventh mountain having a duration of only 33 days, effectively limiting the duration of the seventh mountain's short space as being the span of one pontificate. History also serves here to show that the average span of the pope's reign before 1798 was about 7 years, and the average span of the pope's reign after 1798 was over 14 years. And even considering that John Paul II kept passing all but the three popes who have held the papacy the longest; at 26^ years, in all relevant senses, it is considered to be a "short space."

The subtotal of the count to the sixth head had attained to 662, and then to 663 and then to 665 with John Paul I and II, leaving only the last one at 666, the seventh must fit within this last count of three before 666. A new name produces the smallest mountain, and at the count of three, it fits precisely.

The name of John Paul fits all of these requirements. The papal record very neatly fulfills the outline of this prophecy. John Paul I fulfilled the requirement of a new papal name, yet still maintained the papal tradition of honoring a former pontificate by honoring two of his predecessors' names. John Paul II followed faithfully behind him which made his name a mountain.

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The Biblical Count of the 666 Beast

From the papal election that brought us John Paul II; as it became apparent that Karol was about to be elected, he told another cardinal that if chosen, he would take the name of "Stanislaus." He was immediately reprimanded by Franz Cardinal Koenig of Vienna, and told that if elected, he was to take the name of John Paul II. And so, thus he did.

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