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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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81. Benedict II (684-685) 18

89. Gregory II (715-731) 38

antipope John (844) 0 49

104. Benedict III (855-858) 56

117. Benedict IV (900-903) 77

130. John XII (955-964) 128

131. Leo VIII (963-965) 136

132. Benedict V (964-966) 141

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134. Benedict VI (973-974) 160

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135. Benedict VII (974-983) 167

antipope John XVI (997-998) 0 201

143. Benedict VIII (1012-1024) 242

antipope Gregory (1012) 0 242

145. Benedict IX (1032-1044) deposed* 0

148. Gregory VI (1045-1046) 266

antipope Benedict X (1058-1059) 0 284

157. Gregory VII (1073-1085) 291

antipope Gregory VII (1118-1121)0 291

173. Gregory VIII (1187) 299

178. Gregory IX (1227-1241) 308

184. Gregory X (1272-1276) 318

194. Benedict XI [10] (1303-1304) 347

201. Gregory XI (1371-1378) 389

205. Gregory XII (1406-1415) 401

antipope Benedict XIII (1394-1423) 0 401

antipope John XXIII (1410-1415) 0 401

210. Pius II (1458-1464) 403

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220. Paul III (1534-1549) 421

226. Gregory XIII (1572-1585) 447

229. Gregory XIV (1590-1591) 461

234. Gregory XV (1621-1623) 492

245. Benedict XIII [12] (1724-1730) 504

247. Benedict XIV [13] (1740-1758) 517

251. Pius VII (1800-1823) 530

253. Pius VIII (1829-1830) 550

254. Gregory XVI (1831-1846) 566

256. Leo XIII (1878-1903) 588

260. Pius XII (1939-1958) 635

262. Paul VI (1963-1978)."one is" 662

263. John Paul I (1978)"not yet come" 663

264. John Paul II (1978-05)"short space" 665

antipope Benedict XVI (2005-??) 0 665

The Antichrist Man, Beast, Eighth 666

History gives witness in this list, that the number 666 is counted from the very source which the prophecy indicates. It is a very real and tangible piece of evidence.

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For those who advocate that the number 666 has only a symbolic meaning, I ask: "Why do you deny very real and tangible historic evidence, if it is there, in lieu of the notion that the number 666 must be symbolic?" Again, for those who advocate that the number 666 has only a symbolic meaning, I ask: "How do you propose to show the meaning of the word 'count' in the prophecy, if it is 'symbolic?'"

And to those who persist in believing in the papal title theory that Vicarius Filii Dei, and feel that if it is refuted, that it would somehow let the papacy off-the-hook; far from it. This interpretation refutes the papal title theory as false, and replaces it with a far better interpretation that implicates the papacy in such a way that they cannot deny, and the whole world has access to (102 of 105) [10/28/2007 14:09:04]

Everything You Need To Know About the Number 666

the data that cannot be changed or deleted or refuted, and is pinpoint precise in the identification of the 666 beast AND 666 man, which, at the time of the 666 man, is the same time that the beast attains the count of 666. It demonstrates a convergence at the very end when the Antichrist comes. From the time that the dominion of the papacy was broken in 1798, the world has experienced a relative sense of peace. That is about to change.

The "peace and safety" campaign of the Antichrist will deceive many. There will follow sudden destruction. There will be one camp that will not be deceived by the Antichrist, and there will be those who have seen him pointed out and exposed by the prophecy, and all his "good" works, will not dissuade them. The division between Heaven and Hell will be the most narrow at that time. Those who believe the prophecies, receive the bitter experience of speaking out and "prophesy again" at the risk of their lives, knowing that some of their hearers will respond and take up their torch of truth where they leave off. Preferring to let the dead bury the dead, not taking the time to mourn even their friends, for they see another opportunity that lay ahead to snatch more souls from Satan's deceptions. This

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message about the count of 666 that identifies the Antichrist with pinpoint precision, will be preached around the world by thousands of voices. Adding to this, will be the additional evidence from yet even more prophecies that have unfolded during this temporary rule of the Antichrist.

People will give up their lives rather than to withhold the truth from the people.

As the persecution begins upon the true people of God, by the Antichrist, the people of the world will be able to see the true nature of this beast. It certainly will not be following the teachings of Jesus, who made the call to the people to "Come unto Me." as an open invitation to His Gospel and to give man a freewill decision to accept His as their Savior.

ADDENDUM Notes on June 6, 2006:

As the date June 6, 2006 has come and passed, I wish to add my two cents (penny's) worth about the significance of this date.

First, I was annoyed that others inquired of me concerning it, because, it should be obvious to anyone that has read all I have written, that I have not ever referenced the matter. To me, it was nothing more than hype, over the "digits" of "6" "6" "6" and its appearance as a "date," which being "at" or in the near proximate time of the end, which most "end time watchers" are (103 of 105) [10/28/2007 14:09:04]

Everything You Need To Know About the Number 666

aware that the time of the end is indeed, at hand, raises the level of awareness, and hence, virtually gives it some "significance".

However, that "significance" is not in the fact that the date somehow relates to the number and the beast, but in part, due to the "proximate" time of its occurrence, and of the population's ignorance of the prophecies, (and unfortunately, even for those who are seemingly looking into the issues, arrive

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at false conclusions, and as religious teachers, teach them to others, adding to the confusion of many) it has caused many, who are not so wise concerning the matter, to go in seek for more information. Anything that draws the attention of the public to the issue of the number 666 causes a spike in the numbers of people hitting on websites that gives information pertaining to this issue.

The number of hits that I have received on the day before 6-6-06, was 7 times higher. It is inevitable that some of these, will no doubt, come to realize that what they read here, is indeed, the truth, and therefore, can I say that the date of June 6, 2006 had no significance? I really can't. The facts as I have observed, has spoken louder than anything that I had ever thought of, before that date had arrived. There was significance, because it brought about an increase of awareness. at least for those who have read this site. (

But let me be honest with everyone. Because I understand what I have written, I have completely ignored the date. I had heard about it, many many times, and I knew that it was coming. But because I had already "blown it off," I failed to even know that it was just a "day away" until June 5, 2006. I was watching the steady increase in the number of hits on my web stats, and I could not determine what was happening. Why was I experiencing this sharp rise?

It was like a living parable to me, because I had not prepared, for what I could not see, and I was in this state of mind, because I had thought no farther than what I felt that I already knew. Hindsight on this has taught me a lot. But hindsight will not work in the Second Coming. Preparations for that day, are not made in one day. Since the Bible does say that He will come as a thief, and we understand that it means with such stealth that it repeatedly tells us that no man knows the day nor hour, we need to get ready, and be ready.

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There is no prophecy that tells us how long the time of the short space of the seventh head would be. Hindsight tells us that it is a span of 26^ years: the time of the pontificates of John Paul

I & II. There is no indication in any prophecy that I have seen how long the time between the end of the short space and the arrival of the eighth. Neither is there any indication that I have seen that tells how long the Antichrist is going to exercise his campaign, before Christ comes to destroy him. Those who believe that this will be for 3M> years, are misinformed by those who have misinterpreted the prophecies.

How is it possible that I could believe in a 3M> year reign of the Antichrist, and also believe the Scriptures that teach that no man knows the day nor hour of Christ's coming?

Does God promise to those who have believed the prophecies that correctly identify the Antichrist, a 3^ year advance notice of His arrival?

No man knows the day nor hour, but "some" people get a 3^ year pre-knowledge of this event? Shouldn't that be evidence enough that the idea of a 3^ year reign of the Antichrist, is a false teaching?

The remedy for what those seek, when they care to know the truth, is found in the message of Elijah and John the Baptist. Prepare ye the way for the coming of the Lord. There is nothing to prove after-the-fact; either God has judged you worthy or not worthy. It is in this life now, that we are to prepare; to make our atonement with God; to accept the gift of the Gospel, and to remain faithful to the end. Capitulators are losers. Repent. The final message from God to a dying world, comes from the Three Angels in Revelation 14:6-12. Now is the time of your salvation. To let it pass you by, may leave you as I found myself on June 5, 2006; totally surprised by the events that occurred. After Christ comes. there is no second chance.

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The Biblical Count of the 666 Beast

Here is wisdom.

Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Revelation 13: 18

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