The Mountains Are Counted

The Bible identifies the beast by these seven heads, and the count of the numbers of these seven heads, which are also mountains, plus the eighth, is what comprises the number of the whole beast.

Chapter 17 of Revelation has been also noted by other theologians, that it portrays the papacy after 1798. Having this clue, we examine the papal record from 1798 to the present;

(Benedict XVI is an antipope; he is of the first five that had already fallen.)

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It's obvious that there are only seven different names since 1798. All of these are mountains, that is; having more than one pope for each that are using these same seven names. The name of Pius appears seven times and is already seen as a mountain. Leo appears twice. In order that Gregory and John and Paul are to be mountains, requires that the popes before 1798 be included. There, the papal record displays them all as mountains. It is precisely that verse (Revelation 17:9) that introduces the symbol of a mountain, which is linked to the verse (Revelation 13:18) that gives us the number 666. The numbers of these mountains are what is counted. The multiple use of the same names, created the numbers that are counted. The passage that outlines how these seven heads are to appear is written in Revelation 17:811. This outline must be aligned with the seven heads of the papacy, if the papacy is the correct identity of the beast. History reveals a perfect alignment. The last pope, who completes this count, is the man whose number is 666. Shortly after that time, power is restored to the papacy. The seven different names that have been used by the popes since 1798 constitute the seven heads of the beast. These are the seven heads of the beast, which Revelation 17:10 also calls mountains. All the popes that use the same name are a mountain. John Paul I was not a mountain, nor was he a part of a mountain, until John Paul II arrived, then the head name of John Paul, became a mountain. A mountain is the line of popes that all bear the same name, differentiated by a number; Pope 1, Pope 2, Pope 3, etc. It is these numbers that are derived from the popes, which are used in the counting of the number of the beast. The popes of these 'mountains,' throughout the papal reign are represented. Counting all the numbers of all the popes that use these seven papal names produces the count of the beast, up to the current point in time. There is no dispute regarding the conversion of letters into numbers, because these

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are already numbers waiting to be counted. With John Paul II, from 1978 to 2005, the cumulative total of all the numbers of these seven mountains is now at 665. The eighth completes the count of the beast and he is thus revealed as the 666 man of sin. Though some think that this recent election that introduced Benedict XVI has changed the count, and has voided this interpretation of the prophecy; this is false. The count continues to stand at 665, because this prophecy has already identified Benedict as one of the first five that have "fallen" and is thus identified as an antipope, in which his number is zero.

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