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Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

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The chiastic structure of a certain chapter, verse, or book of the Bible can be brought together to understand the meaning that God intends. Studies show there are chiastic patterns in many parts of the Bible. In this one chiastic structure, there is a wealth of meaning God has placed within it. John was not aware of this structure when he wrote Revelation.

Revelation chapter 12 shows a panoramic view of the whole career of the dragon.

Page 109


A. Commandments Ch.11:19

B. Wrath of God 19

C. Pregnant woman Ch.12:1, 2

D. Great red dragon 3

E. Satan's warfare 4

F. Woman in wilderness 6

G. War in heaven 7

H. No place for dragon 8

I. Deceiver cast out 9 J. To earth 9 Center: Salvation!! 10 j. Devil come down. 12 i. Deceiver limited 12

h. Earth only for dragon 13 g. War against woman 13 f. Woman in wilderness 14 e. Satan's warfare 15 d. Dragon angry 17 c. With the woman 17 b. Wrath of Satan 17 a. Commandments of God 17

Page 110 Chapter 7

Everything You Need To Know About the Number 666

The Mathematics of Wisdom

In Revelation 13:18, the number 666 is given. In the verse that it is chiastically linked to; Revelation 17:9 and 10, that same number is derived from the count of the numbers of the names of the seven mountains, plus the final eighth, thus the number 666 is also seen in that chiastic verse. The elements defining this prophetic outline of the beast and its seven heads, are located in the very verse that is chiastically linked in the book of Revelation to the verse where the number 666 is given."Wisdom" is the key chiastic word in both verses. The 11 delimiting factors are all precisely integrated to produce the exact count of the number 666.

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