The Beginning Of The Research

It was sometime in the year 1994, that the thought was first conceived in my mind, that the popes had numbers on their names, and that it might be possible that these have something to do with the count of the number 666. Though this first thought is a queried presumption, an examination of the historic data would prove or disprove its validity.

The data for this research was not collected or examined until early 1997. The first source for the papal list was from a 1980 Almanac. If the number 666 was to be found in all these numbers, (87 of 105) [10/28/2007 14:09:04]

Everything You Need To Know About the Number 666

it should be able to be seen.

There were popes that were questionable; it was dependent on whether or not certain popes were legitimate, or if certain other popes were antipopes. As I was trying to sort out the varying data, and perhaps by chance, be able to align it correctly, the number 666 might appear, I then experienced my second moment of insight; I saw that there were seven different names in the papal record that were shown since 1798. I knew then that it would be within these seven names that the number would be found.

I already knew that 1798 had played a pivotal role in many prophecies and in the activity of the papacy, and I looked more closely at the popes from 1798. I remembered the text of Scripture in Revelation 17:9 that spoke of the seven heads of the beast. A third moment of insight occurred that told me that these were the seven heads where the count would be found. And by a careful reading of the verse, I had a fourth moment of insight when the heads were also called mountains, and it indicated to me that all the popes of one name, formed a mountain, and these composed the numbers to count.

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In going beyond just the answer to the number 666, it has also been revealed that all the other elements of this prophecy are found in this same historic data, and they align themselves in a clear and simple manner, and very little explanation is necessary to demonstrate that they fulfill every prophetic element, which, unlike the opposing interpretations, require difficult and convoluted explanations to make them appear to fit the prophecy.

Satan has been working for hundreds of years just to prepare for the deceptions which he will use upon the world in the last days.

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