Satan Also Deceives From Within

This research has not been free from the assaults of the enemy of truth. Conflict exists from the predominant interpretations already rendered upon these passages. Also, there have been assaults from within, as those who have decided to help distribute this research, have taken only part of it, and have corrupted it, changing it to suit their own minds. This original research did not confront any obstacle or problem as it came to the first point of its fulfillment, when John Paul II was replaced by Benedict XVI. The original research did not require that it be re-written nor anything sought to find out what went wrong, because nothing went wrong at all, and this research still stands, with no need to make any corrections. It has passed the test of its first interval of fulfillment. And its fulfillment has opened new insights not previously considered. However, these usurpers' corrupted interpretation had to be rewritten to accommodate the change in the papacy. Their

Page 136

previous assertion that the next pope would have a new name only, had failed. Their new prediction will fail yet again.

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